Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Poll Ha'penny: Breandán

I wasn't familiar with this hornpipe prior to the blog, and to be honest there was something about it that made it a quare challenge for me.  This is my best shot so far, I hope I can improve on it between now and our session next year - as you can tell I made a Mulligan's mother of some bits of it!
Hats off to Brendan eile - I think his version is as good as any other that I've heard online while trying to search for inspiration for this.
Here's my attempt:
I must say that this concertina version that I found online from 'Concertinanette' is a very nice - I especially love the way he shakes the triplet run out of the little box! Also note a comment from Fear Feasóg which claims that the tune's title should be 'Halfpenny Paul', a reference to some poor aul beggar named Paul!

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