Sunday, 20 December 2015

Far From Home (barndance): Brendan (eile)

Far From Home (barndance)

Given to me by Brian McGrath, Far From Home or Far Away from Home is a lively barndance that was, apparently, one of the last tunes recorded by Sligo fiddler Michael Coleman in 1944. He was in ill health at the time and died the following year.

The tunes has been recorded under a variety of names: as Michael Coleman's on Johnny Óg Connolly & Brian McGrath Dreaming up the Tunes (1998), as Far From Home on John Carty Yeah, That Is All (2001), as Johnny Gorman's on Matt Molloy & John Carty Pathway to the Well (2007) and as Paddy Shannon's on Mick Conneely & David Munnelly 'Tis What It Is (2012).

Here is John Carty on banjo and At The Racket performing the tune in Crocket's on the Quay, Ballina.

We had a new wooden floor laid this week so I'm taking advantage of the great acoustics in the empty room ...


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