Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Maid of Mount Cisco...

This is a real session standard, though people really struggle with the name... is it 'Maids of Mount Cisco',  'The Maid of Monsisco', or the 'Maid of Mount Kisco'?
There is a town just north of New York City called Mount Kisco, and most of the stories about the origin of this tune seem to point directly to that.  Of all of these, I think the most likely to be true is that the great Sligo fiddle player, James Morrison (the professor) called the tune 'The Maid of Mount Kisco', in honour of his wife, who was from... you guessed it, Mount Kisco.

Here's a great version of this tune being played on the 'Hammered Dulcimer' - a distinctive and very rare-to-be-seen instrument!  The musician in this case is Karen Ashbrook (karenashbrook.com)

And here's my own learner's version...


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  2. What an awesome blog. This will help me tremendously in my journey (now one year) in learning the Irish tenor banjo. Thanks!