Monday, 5 October 2015

Drowsy Maggie Revisited: Brendan (eile)

Drowsy Maggie Revisited

There's an old Irish seanfhocal (or proverb) that goes cleachtadh a dhéanann maistreacht meaning 'practice makes mastery'. This for me is the challange and the purpose of the blog - to focus practice in order to build up a repertoire of tunes to session standard. 
Ever the wiser (probably because he's the elder of the two of us), Breandán reminded me over the weekend that we need to keep revisiting the tunes we have done in order to bring them up to speed without losing the ornamentation. So after an hour or so's practice this evening I managed to pick up a bit of speed on last week's version of Drowsy Maggie. You'll have to excuse the sound of the dishwasher!   

However, if I leave out the trebles, triplets, stops and chords I can play the same tune a little faster (but still far off the pace required for a session). 

I will keep at it and see how much progress I can make with this tune over the coming week.

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