Monday, 5 October 2015

Lark in the Morning (jig): Brendan (eile)

Lark in the Morning (jig)

A popular session tune, the Lark in the Morning is a four-part jig named after a small songbird. Other popular tunes, such as the Mountain Lark (reel), the Morning Lark (jig), the Lark on the Strand (jig) and the Skylark / Fuiseoigín na Spéire (reel), also recall this family of birds in their titles.

One version of a story, with many adaptations, tells of two fiddlers who having stayed up all night trying to outperform each other eventually agreed that the most beautiful sound came not from their fiddles but from the lark in the morning. 

My attempt at the Lark in the Morning is based (very loosely, I might add) on a brilliant live recording by banjoist Séamus Egan, founder of the Irish-American group Solas, which features on an album called Absolutely Irish. You can listen to a sample of his version HERE

Interestingly, English folk-rock band Fairport Convention recorded a version of this tune on their Liege & Leaf album (1969).

You'll find sheet music and ABC notation HERE and tablature HERE.

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